Marbel 2.0


An electric long board built intentionally for high-density cities and campuses. A perfect fit into today's transportation mix, the Marbel 2.0 has been re-engineered for extended portability, increased range, and a faster top  speed.

New orders begin shipping September 2017

– 18+ Miles on a single charge

– 26 MPH top speed

– Ultra Portable at only 10.1 lb

– Large 63mm Motor

– World's Longest Range Bluetooth Chip

– Marbel One Year Warranty

– 6 Wheel Options to choose from


Additional information


Starting at 10.1 lbs – Making it the world's lightest electric longboard


Up to 18 miles in ECO mode (about 12 miles in SPORT mode)


Nose – 120 lumens of White Light ; Tail – 90 lumens of Red Light

Top Speed

26 MPH Top Speed in SPORT mode


Up to a 25% Incline hill grade


World's Longest Range Bluetooth Low Energy Chip – BLE121LR

Ride Style

Fully Customizable with 4 predefined modes, and the added ability to customize acceleration, top speed, turn on and off reverse, and even adjust braking power.


Approximately 90 minutes from empty to full. That is up to 3 miles of range in just 15 minutes.


Electronic Regenerative Braking that is customizable for your personal preference.

Throttle Control

Wireless Handheld Remote or with your Smartphone App


220Wh Custom Lithium Battery System


Patented Top Loading Deck Constructed of Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber Composite


101mm Marbel E101 – Blue, 77mm Seismic Speed Vent – Blue, 77mm Seismic Speed Vent – Orange, 76mm Venom Mach 1 – White, 76mm Sweet Spot Beluga – Yellow

Drive System

Twin Drive, Single Drive